Why. Where. When.

Why on earth would a person travel a few thousand miles to spend a winter alone?

Well… I am a photographer who loves to travel. And I have been gathering photographs of the area over the last few years in order to eventually publish them in a book titled… The Heart of Provence.

As I looked over my library of photographs two things were missing… Provence in the winter… and a much closer look at the people who actually live and work here.

Also… since I am a photography instructor… I believe one has to hold up the mirror and re-examine how one instructs… and in a way question some of things I have tried to instill in my students.
Some of the visual posts I will be making will have an instructional use also. Why I took the photo. Why I composed it like I did. And what story does the photo tell. I am big on the last two… so take notes.

I am not a photo equipment hound… my stuff is simple… portable and flexible… and yes I am a Canon guy.

And where am I?
Provence is a big place… so just Google Saignon, France and voila… there I be.

And I am not actually alone… alone. I have several friends… and a cat…. so I am not really alone. It is not my cat really… Gros Gris…. is the house’s cat.

And when?… well… winter only lasts through winter… so this blog will have a life span of about 4 months.

At the end of that period… gosh… if I have not accomplished my goals… well… there is always the next blog… Summer in Provence.
Now wouldn’t that just be the cat’s meow?

IMG_1969 copy

The photograph above is a good example of what I tell my students. “Compose shapes… not things”.
And quite simply I mean… don’t look at a scene and see a tree… and a church… look at a scene and try to see triangles and lines and ” framing ” mechanisms. It is so much easier to compose a dramatic photograph if you allow the shapes to drive your composition. And heh… the use of black and white makes it even easier to see these shapes as shapes …and not things.
Try it.


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