Be a good boy scout.

You have, no doubt, heard of the old adage… “Good things come to people who wait.” Well… in photography it is even more true.
Patience is a great trait to have any time, but in photography it is often the key to “getting that shot”… the one that has people asking…”Did you shoot that?” Have patience… be a good scout.


Sometimes… you’re waiting for something to “walk into a scene” in order to give it some life… some humanity. So… you sit and wait for something good to happen. Other times… waiting involves good o’ Mr. Sun. Perhaps it is lingering behind a cloud. Perhaps it hasn’t come over that mountain yet. Or perhaps it hasn’t come around that pesky tree… just wait. You will be rewarded.

Take a peek at the photo above.

Fifteen minutes before the shutter was pushed the scene was ordinary. But… patience pays. Great shadows. Extraordinary color.

Try it… you’ll be amazed just how much a few minutes can alter a photograph’s visual impact.


2 comments on “Be a good boy scout.

  1. Great photo and great lesson Gene. You have a talent for both photography and the written word!

  2. geneturner46 says:

    You… as always… are so so kind.

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