Drama class.

Some photographs are nice. Some are purely informational. And some are interesting because Uncle John is in there… out of focus…cut off at the knees… with his eyes aglow from the flash. But his friends say…”I love that shot… he is so funny.” Which brings me to my point for the day.

If you want people to “talk about” your photography in the same terms they talk about another piece of fine art… the key is drama.

In other posts, I will be talking and illustrating other ways you can add drama into your photographs… but today… it is our old standby… leading lines. Strong directional “lines” that grab the eyes of the viewer and leads him/her into or around the photograph.

That is the power of “leading” lines.


Take a quick peek at the photo above. Yes I know… it is the most simplistic and most often used direction… smack dab up the middle.
But it is effective. And it is dramatic. Again, when composing a photograph… think shapes not things… and if you can grab the viewer’s eyes and drag them in… then voila… you have created not just a nice photo… but a piece of fine art.

I did it with rows of lavender and some fresh snow… and a few seconds of thinking of how to make it more than just nice.

Try it. It works.


One comment on “Drama class.

  1. BeSquirrely says:

    oh no! The snow has followed you to Provence?! Uh oh. Do we need to send you some fleece and some long underwear?

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