Do you see what I see?

Well… of course not… and that is what … or at least one of the things that make us all different. We see things differently… or in this case we see different things. And that is just fine. One person’s bunch of piled up scrape metal will be another’s chance to compose order out of chaos… to turn junk into a dramatic rhythm of tones. One person’s view is not wrong… but kudos to the person who can see beauty where another sees nothing at all.

IMG_0250 blogcopy

Which brings me to the photo above. It looks like modern art. It has a strong directional line that takes the viewer’s eyes from left to right.
It is a nice play of squares juxtaposed to curves… color against black. It is a graphic mystery and quite interesting to some.

To others… it is a reflection of some buildings into the glass and hood of an automobile.
Look around you… dramatic photographs are there for the taking. See?


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