The Cat. The Frenchman. And the Holidays.

An odd grouping… but actually, the photos of each share the same exact problem for the photographer. Cats move. People move and of course at the holidays… everything is in constant motion. No one sits for more than a split second. And if they do stop… the scene becomes “posed.” The moments of capturing things in their most relaxed, natural state are fleeting.

So… Gene… what is the solution? Well… first look under the tree and see if you have a squarish box with your name on it. It should weigh about 2 pounds. Open it… and if it is the camera you asked for… then bingo… you have in your hands a camera that has a setting that allows you to take several shots per second! That is what you need!

IMG_2555 copy

IMG_3554 copy

Now take a peek at the two shots above. Both were chosen from a series… a burst…of exposures… and in that second… the cat was looking somewhere else… the paws were not up and the French guy… well… he was, as I remember… looking at the phone and then somewhere else and then somewhere else again. But… out of that I got a fun shot of the cat and an interesting natural shot of the man.
So… for the Holidays… be prepared… set the camera for multi-exposures… and shoot away. Heh… it is digital… so you are not wasting money in film stock. Have fun. And a very Merry Christmas.


5 comments on “The Cat. The Frenchman. And the Holidays.

  1. Keith Helfrich says:

    Gene –
    These “tips” are very helpful. As we often capture “passing moments” with our eye and burn them into our memory in certain cases, only an avid photographer would think of the analogy to “burn them” onto film, aka digital memory nowadays. Great “perspective” – keep it coming in 2013

  2. Mikels Skele says:

    A question: do you get model releases from people like the Frenchman with a cat?

  3. BeSquirrely says:

    You are going to get in deep doo-doo with the cat when you make a million bucks off of his picture 🙂 Great tips, keep ’em coming and we’ll be here reading.

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