Rod Stewart was right.

Yes indeed, every picture does tell a story. And sometimes it can tell a whole story but sometimes an individual photo can be assigned the role of telling a part of the story. While others can tell other other parts of the story. ” Oh Gene… get to the point… I have a turkey in the oven.”

Here is the point… when shooting an “event”…. approach it like a photojournalist does… tell the story via several photos. Have a plan. I have a friend who went to Ireland. Shot a boatload of photos. And after about the first 50, I was yawning. Photo after photo… a wide shot of a castle followed by another wide shot of a castle followed by….. well you know. Sad. An opportunity to tell a much more interesting story… gone.

Now… a photojournalist can tell a complete story without any words… just by implementing a simple plan. Get out your pencils… this is the good stuff. Here is the idea… shoot at least three shots….. one wide… to say where you are…. one medium…. to help draw the viewer further into your story and last… shoot a tight shot… to really bring the viewer into a “up close and personal ” experience. Show the textures… make them feel it. Of course you can shoot more of each… but just don’t shoot one photo and say…”let’s go”. It only takes a couple minutes but the “event” will have so much more meaning and will have so much more impact.

IMG_2496 copy



IMG_0157 copy


So… take a peek at the above series. It is a pretty good example of a well-executed plan…. I sometimes call it the “funnel method.”
Start wide… say where you are… then get tighter and tighter to tell the complete story. Now this little piece of info should come in handy during the Holidaze… or a winter outing… or apple picking… or a recital….South Sea vacation… or really… any “event.”

This is my last post for a week… so… Merry Christmas… and keep your camera close and your family closer!


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