Lenses… the long and short of it.

Unlike your eyeballs… the camera you probably got for Christmas… has interchangeable lenses… or it should. They are available in many sizes and configurations … just take a peek at the Canon camera site and click on lenses. Along with the diversity come price tags that would choke a horse. But if you really need that 600mm f-2.8 lens that has IS ( Image Stability) for your sports photography assignment… you won’t mind at all that it costs the same as your car. But I digress.

Lenses come as a zoom or a prime. Personally I have two zooms ( 24-70 mm and a 70-200mm) and one prime ( 100mm Macro) that I use to get ultra close to food and praying mantises.
Here is the tip of the day… stay away from shooting at about 50 mm. If you must then OK… but I avoid it because it is boring. I love to be long or short…. but rarely in between. Using the far end of my 70-200 zoom tends to squish the scene so that the compressed scene becomes more graphic. Check out the shot directly below to see what I mean.

IMG_2480 copy

IMG_3654 copy

Now… at the other end of my 24-70mm zoom is the “short” portion. It allows me to “see” wider than the eye can see and gives an instantly dramatic look. See example directly above. It is certainly up to you as far as what lens to use… but with each will come a different look. Look at the scene before you… and choose the length of lens which allows you to tell the story the way you want to tell it. After all… that is what photography is all about. To tell a story to another person who was not standing next to you when you saw something interesting… raised your camera… chose the lens… set the aperture and activated the shutter. Voila.


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