Kansas it ain’t.

After a short drive in the early morning thick fog down the D900 and a right on the D938 takes me to Pernes-les-Fontaines.

Pernes-les-Fontaines, a walled city built over a thousand years ago complete with a drawbridge, a magnificent tower and a large dog that knew I wasn’t there for the boules game. I was told Pernes-les-Fontaines had tons of fountains… literally a hundred. Well… actually it 32. But I must say, I loved it. Most of the wall is still intact. Patina and all. Life is not crazy fast… perhaps because it was January…. but mostly because so many villages in Provence don’t allow cars to race through town. If they did… none would have mirrors or doors after a few hundred feet. Here is a visual timeline of the day.


IMG_4004 copy


IMG_4039 copy

IMG_4063 copy

IMG_4094 copy



IMG_4188 copy


And the dog? Its owner snapped a leash onto his collar as he was stalking me. Funny… I was using my best French to say…”go home!”… it must have been the accent.

And a quick photography recap…. look for interesting angles… let a single subject dominate the scene…. avoid putting the subject right square in the middle… let light add drama…. and don’t be afraid of the fog.

Happy trails.


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