The Home of the Arches.

Sorry… all you foodie fans… this is not about the Golden Arches. No… some of these arches are made of stone… hundreds of years old. The town is Vaison-la-Romaine… and as its name implies… the Romans were here 2000 years ago… building bridges and towns of stone and arches for support. They knew something about how to make things last.

Ahhh… but this is not meant to be a history lesson but instead how to use the arch as a tool to help your subject become the center of attention. And the arch can help that … if you position it correctly. And the same can be said for almost anything that you can see through…or shoot past. A large limb of a tree… a life preserver… a window… quickly come to mind. The list is as long as your imagination.

Here are a few examples of the classic arch being used as a “framing device” to bring more emphasis to the subject.



And here are a couple photos that utilized something besides the classic arch in order to help “frame” the subject and concentrate the viewer’s eye on the subject.

IMG_4099 copy

IMG_0398 copy

IMG_1151 copy

Now remember… the number of tools you can use to direct the viewer’s eye to your subject are numerous. Don’t forget our old standby of “leading lines.” The photograph below was shot yesterday.

And yes… I changed it to a black and white photograph… but it is the leading line of the path that should be drawing your attention. But if you are hankering to get the handle on the original form of photography… black and white… that is next time. Some of it… is being able to see in black and white.

Happy trails.

IMG_2195 finalcloudbw copy


2 comments on “The Home of the Arches.

  1. mmejwils says:

    Gene, I like your perspective on framing! Thanks! And, the last image, black and white path, cries out to be followed….or better yet, a prompt for writing a short story. Well done!

    • geneturner46 says:

      Interesting… a good friend said exactly the same thing. And she is a writer! I have always been drawn to “where does that path go?” and “I wonder where the light is coming from?”. I never get tired of shooting them. It is the “trying to tell a story… without an end” part that I enjoy. Thanks again!

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