The Berger.

No… not “hamburger”…. a real one… a pro… the good shepherd kind of Berger. Meet Herve… his dogs and his flock.

It wasn’t exactly as difficult as photographing a non-stop moving infant… but darn close. Think of one with four legs, hoofs, a wooly backside and scared of one thing… those dogs. The relationship between dog and flock is akin to the same relationship between the authority figure and the chain gang members in Cool Hand Luke. It is true. Always being watched. Always being barked at. And if one steps out of line to chew on a little grass just over there……. whoa Nelly… watch out! As I said, Herve is a pro. At times he has nearly 2000 sheep under his control and protection. But today… it was 200. Herve never stopped walking… the sheep never stopped walking ( except for a handful who just thought the grass was greener just off the path… wrong idea) and the dogs… they never stopped working. Staring the trouble-makers down… giving them the old “what for” in dog speak.

In minutes it was over. Past the river… over the bridge… down the road… into the brush.


IMG_5644 copy

IMG_3050 copy

IMG_5631 copy



A photographic challenge. Constant movement. Changing light. “Depth of field” control. And unlike a lot of models I have photographed… these guys did not listen to direction… except from those dogs. Happy trails!


2 comments on “The Berger.

  1. mmejwils says:

    It rather brings to light the common saying that we banter about…how people just follow along “like a bunch of sheep”….well, there we see the origin of that saying.

  2. geneturner46 says:

    I think there’s a book out there somewhere ( or there should be)… and it is all about sheep and how their actions have invaded different languages. Very funny.

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