Patina. Showing one’s age is a beautiful thing.

I love old stuff. Old cars that have spent too many days in Chicago. Old brass bird cages. Copper gutters on a Frank Lloyd Wright residence. Stone discolored by water seepage. Paint gone south. The passing years have a positive look on most things. Especially if it is in Provence and painting that old wall is a non non. Why paint it… it is fine! Year after year many things change in this world… but usually not here. It is an inherit respect for age. Whether it be a grandmother or a 2000 year old bridge. Things don’t automatically go into the dust bin just because it wasn’t new yesterday. Maybe that is a major reason why I love Provence. Respect for what was done a hundred years before. So what if it is discolored by rain and sun and snow?
If it works… why knock it down? So what if it isn’t this year’s coolest shade of mauve? I love old stuff. Cool old stuff. And here… it is everywhere.
I took a walk the other day looking for textures… patterns and things that were showing their age beautifully. Yep… I was on a search for patina. Here are a few things I found and photographed. Enjoy.



IMG_2195 bw copy


And just like so many things I photograph… I look and compose shapes and colors… not the objects themselves. Granted… it is more difficult to create a dramatic composition when all you have to work with is a discolored wall of a thousand year old church. But heh… that is where the challenge is! Look around as you walk. Add patina to your ever-growing list of interesting things to shoot. And pray that when you get that old… you will look so good that people will stop and take your photograph. Happy trails!


2 comments on “Patina. Showing one’s age is a beautiful thing.

  1. Paul Froggatt says:

    We haven’t met but I think you know we have a mutual friend. J-AW
    I just wanted to say how inspiring I have found your work. In another lifetime I’d like to attend one of your workshops. Do hope you make it back to the Luberon again and that we have an opportunity to meet up.
    I took the liberty of rebloging a couple of your shots of the Luberon. I think J-A mentioned that I’d like to but trust that’s still OK for you.

    Best regards
    Paul Froggatt

    • geneturner46 says:

      So nice to hear your comments. You can, of course, use any of the photos. If you want/need any at a larger size… just ask.
      I do hope in July we shall return for a short vacation. I am crossing my eyes, fingers and legs. Again thanks!
      We shall talk soon.

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