Bonnieux… the fifth time around.

Bonnieux is one of the most beautiful perched villages in France. That is why I went there the first time. It was beautiful then… and it is beautiful now. And it hadn’t changed a bit during my several times to see it and to photograph it. Why would it? It is hundreds of years old…and parts of it are even older. Time seems to have no effect on it. I knew where the arches were. I knew where the Madonna “in a cage” is on the very top. I thought I knew it like the back of my hand. I thought I had discovered all of the great angles revealing its stunning architecture. I thought I knew all of its stone staircases. Well… yesterday I saw it again with new eyes. My son is here for a few all too short days with his wonderful and supportive wife. I say supportive because well… after “just a minute I think I see something”… for the 103rd time… one would think she would say…”Chris… put the camera away … I am chilly”…. nope. “Go for it, Chris”. My wife is exactly the same. “Go for it, Gene”.
When you are with someone who is looking at something remarkably beautiful and ancient… for the very first time… with all the excitement of Christmas morning with all of its new presents… one’s own views change. You begin to see everything differently. The “I’ve seen that”…. becomes “wow… look at that!”. And so it was with Bonnieux. I saw different angles. I saw different textures. I saw different contrasts. I saw it with new eyes. Here’s just a couple photos. More to come.

IMG_6656 copy

IMG_6658 copy

So today’s “lesson” is not one of settings and getting up early to make sure your battery is charged. No. The lesson is… no matter if you have seen something before… there is nothing like seeing it again with new eyes. Thanks Chris.
Happy trails.


Sorry… this has very little, if anything, to do with amour. Nope… it has everything to do with keeping the subject of your photograph… simple. Singular. One thought. One thing that dominates the scene. You should be hearing people say…”I just love your photo of THE… (insert singular subject here).

To illustrate… I was once shown a photograph of a golf course. I asked…”What interested you most about the scene… what said… heh, take a picture of me?” She replied…”the water feature over there.”Well… it was only a dinky piece of the scene… so my eye was sent searching around looking for the reason she had pushed the shutter… like in a “Where’s Waldo” episode.
Nothing dominated the scene.

So here’s a compositional tip… keep it simple. Hone in on the subject like a laser.
You know… k…i…s…s.

IMG_1243 blogcopy

Above you will see a photo of a group of mis-matched chairs. It was taken in Bonnieux…. a few miles away.
Notice I said… “A group…..” There are several chairs, but the subject is singular.

To me, what is also interesting about this photo is that it tells a little story about the village. It is hilly. The streets and homes are made of stone. And it is very very old.
We will get into a photograph’s ability to “tell a story.” But that is for another day. Today… just keep it simple.