Rules, laws, guide posts or mere suggestions?

Did you ever notice that your photographs that garner the most attention ( forget Uncle Al in his birthday suit ) are the simple ones? The ones that captured a fleeting moment? Or that one with the powerful dramatic composition? People love that stuff… because they react to strong single-minded composition… without really thinking about it. It is built in.

Let’s talk a bit more about composition. More rules have been written about how to achieve a swell composition than almost anything else in photography. Don’t these people have something else better to do? Apparently non.

The only rule I really like is the… Golden Rule. But of course that doesn’t help you get a strong simple composition. But here is something that will. I like leading lines. Use those when you can. If the sky is poopy… ie… boring… dull or flat or is just too darn bright…. avoid it like the plague. If it doesn’t add to your photo… don’t put it in your photo. Have one subject in the photo. Adhere to the KISS method… it is not a photo law but it is a darn good suggestion. And… something should physically dominate your photo. Here are a few that I believe satisfy those suggestions.






Remember… the viewer should not have to ask why you shot the photo. They should only ask…”You shot that?”
“Yes, I shot that!”

Next time… a frenetic encounter with another one of God’s more interesting four-legged creations.
Happy trails.


Saint-Saturin-les-Apt. Just up the road but 800 years away.

Turn right onto the D943 just a little ways after you exit Apt… drive 10 miles through rolling vineyards and you will enter Saint Sat and step way back into history. It is classic. Several historical monuments…. and by that I mean ancient.

From centuries past it has a large chapel on the top of the top of a narrow rocky ridge high above the valley floor. Remnants of the walled city. A spectacular church that seems to pierce the sky with its dramatic spire. A windmill from its olive producing days. A beautiful village of converging narrow streets and on top of it all… a dam. Plus… it is surrounded by orchards of olive trees and extensive vineyards. And if that wasn’t enough… the 2200 residents… have a great respect for where they live and a unique sense of humor!

I have been here twice. The first time I did not walk up to the chapel, the ruins, the mill and the dam. Don’t ask me why… I just didn’t. Could have been that it was getting late and I knew the cat was hungry. I certainly was. These photos… if I have done my job right…will give you a taste of the village. I love it.







I have been blessed to be here and have the opportunity to return to places I like at different times of the day under different lighting conditions. And again I could not be luckier than to be married to such a wonderfully understanding and supportive person. Je t’aime Fame.