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After a career in advertising and marketing, Gene is now 100% focused on helping others create memorable photographs that are technically sound, composed with a purpose and infused with distinct emotional qualities. He has photographed extensively in sixteen countries from Canada to Vietnam and is regularly published around the globe. In his career, he’s received over 300 awards for his visual and communication skills. Prior to forming “Yes, I shot that!” Photography Workshops, Gene taught at the prestigious Corcoran School of Art in Washington, D.C.. You can view Gene’s diverse photography portfolio by visiting www.geneturnerimages.com.

Gene is grateful to be spending the winter in Provence, exploring the light and the beauty of the people and historic spaces. More about Gene’s interest in spending the winter in Provence can be found here.

Thanks for clicking in. Happy trails!


8 comments on “About

  1. I love what you are doing. Spending a winter in Provence must be great!

    • geneturner46 says:

      It is great… and it has been wonderfully productive.
      The best part is I pick up my wife at the Marseille airport in the morning!
      Thanks for checking out the stuff.

      • Sounds like you are really enjoying your life there. I have just visited Languedoc and it was awesome! Making plans in my head how to spend couple of months each year there. (and the rest in US, where we are from). How is Provence? We want to visit it in summer. What is the best month that you recommend? I would love to see the lavender fields.

      • geneturner46 says:

        It would be our goal to do a split year also. Provence is terrific. Love the people. It is sunny most of the time. Most of the markets are still humming. But when you are in a small village… the restaurant options get a little thin. The best part of the year… for me is… the spring ( April/May)… and the fall ( September/October). The summers are lovely and can be very warm and crowded… and the peak for the fields is just before they cut them all down … ie.. harvest… and that is usually the last week in July… first week in August. It is an awesome sight. And so centrally located!

      • Thank you so much! I am glad you provided the dates. We were thinking of visiting it in July, so we can see the lavender fields. Otherwise I do not like crowds, thus I would prefer fall / spring too. Planning to go mushroom picking in fall in Languedoc (it must have mushrooms). I am following your blog, will be looking forward for the book! (and pics)

      • geneturner46 says:

        I will send you the best guide around… a friend wrote it. It was done 3 years ago but 95% is still correct. Unfortunately, the blog has only a month left… and that is sad.

      • Thank you for the guide! I got it this morning and it made me smile wide! It is great! Going to read it and print it for my summer trip.
        I know, it is kind of sad about your blog being temporal. Are you going to do another one later? I really enjoyed it, do not want it to be over.

      • geneturner46 says:

        Howdy! I, unfortunately, have less than 4 weeks to go for my winter in Provence. Hopefully my wife and I will spend next year winter here also. And of course my photo workshops… will be available… and through those i shall be returning… but only a week at a time. If enough people found it interesting and beneficial…I could have another blog… but obviously not about being in provence for three months. A life enhancing experience.

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